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Here are some of the deserving Veteran Organizations we support and work with!

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Veteran Outdoors’ mission is to honor our country’s wounded veterans’ patriotism and their sacrifice by providing quality hunting, fishing and outdoor related activities. VO’s goal is to raise public awareness about the therapeutic effects that being in the outdoors actually has on the mental and physical disabilities of our country’s wounded men and women. We will also provide a platform for veterans to tell their own stories in their own words.



The Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation is committed to mending the brokenhearted of our nation with a specific calling to help America’s wounded veterans and their families. It is our goal to help these heroes find a new life purpose after enduring hardship through their service to our great country. Programs of the foundation focus on a Spiritual Based Healing to the heart of the warrior; along with training them in reintegration skills through instruction at our ranches. The Mighty Oaks Warrior programs focus on dealing with Combat Trauma, Men’s Character, and Family Support for Combat Trauma Spouses and Family Members.



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