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Serving California is a foundation committed to the possibility that we can build a community of empathy for those who are struggling and provide them with resources to transcend their situations.

Our programs place a special emphasis on ex-offenders who want to rebuild their lives, crime victims and veterans and their families.


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Gear for Grunts Tactical. Innovation.® (G4G) is delivering a paradigm shift in tactical gear that will revolutionize the way in which ammunition magazines are carried and loaded into a weapon.



Veteran Tech Brigade was created to secure gainful employment opportunities for our nation’s returning heroes. The technical aptitude, leadership ability, and willingness to accept great amounts of responsibility is unmatched by any other demographic than the US military veteran.



Hero Energy Shot was created to honor the 32 million heroes that put on a uniform every day putting their lives in harm’s way to help keep us safe. There are over 70 million energy drinks consumed a day in the United States. We believe that here in the USA we need an alternative to the typical energy shot or energy drink. Hero Energy Shot, the alternative to being tired, is a great way to pick yourself up so that you too can be a hero while helping to support these heroes.

Hero Energy Shot donates proceeds back from every purchase to the nonprofit organizations that support the armed forces, police, firefighters and EMT’s.


Candyss and Associates performs event planning and resource development services for private organizations (nonprofit organizations) that surround the military. Candyss and Associates provides a vehicle to raise/sustain esprit de corps, to generate non-appropriated funds that directly support the individual service member, our combat veterans and/or their families, as well as to leverage assets in providing training opportunities and to provide a bridge for the civilian community to better know our military in a more intimate way. Candyss and Associates is a highly skilled team of passionate professionals with proven successes in developing  relationships.


GrayBeard Books, a company dedicated to telling the Veteran story or stories from Veterans! The one stop shop for Veteran authors to accomplish all their publishing needs!











Launched in 2012, Enlisted Nine is owned and operated by active duty Soldiers who are in the fight game. Our mission is to provide quality apparel, military advice, and MMA expertise to our fans around the world.



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