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Warrior Media Solutions is a Veteran owned company founded by Warriors. A company born from forethought while serving now has come to fruition and is proud to enter into it’s second year as a successful business. Both founders served as Infantrymen within the US Army. Toby James Nunn as a Senior Non Commissioned Officer and Steven Fletcher as a Commissioned Officer.

The varying experiences brought out by service provide an extremely desirable entity within the market place. Both the corporate side and the veteran side need help bridging the gap between them. Warrior Media Solutions is a team of Veteran business owners that have successfully traversed the difficult paths and found success. In an effort to still serve Warrior Media Solutions team want to share their experiences and enrich the total community by providing Positive Veteran Experiences and Fostering Positive Veteran Relationships. The example of the “Greatest Generation” and the lessons since then motivate our team to be community and market leaders.


Building and providing Strategic Relationships between deserving Veterans/Organizations and Corporate entities to accomplish mutual goals.

Cause Related Marketing campaigns for partners.

Providing Veteran Spokespersons and Dynamic Speakers for a broad spectrum of purposes to include Subject Matter Experts and to help shape a message of triumph. Public Relations and Media interface for issues within the Veteran space.

Non Profit management and leadership for small to medium sized Veteran organizations.

Tactical Storytelling, the use of military experience and willingness to tell a story that might be too dangerous or risky for a traditional media outlet.



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