Graybeard Books

In the past couple of years we have seen some amazing writing coming from not only established veteran authors but also bright new minds. With the Military Blogosphere ripe with talent the demand could not be higher to see more hard publishing. The truth of the matter is the Veteran voice is often ignored and dismissed as it is not the “classically train” graduate of academia. Fantastic writers like Colby Buzzell who has blazed a path for many to the Kelly Criggers who keep producing sellers and New York Times Best Sellers. Not everyone can land that special publishing deal or even be considered by an agent.

Enter the newly formed Graybeard Books, A Veteran owned, run and exclusive publishing company that came to be as a result of published veterans tired of seeing the talent around them being ignored. Warrior Media Solutions is proud to partner with this Veteran venture and see them make the dreams of their aspiring authors come true. While assisting Chad Robichaux promote his book Redeployed, Warrior Media Solutions helped make it a best selling within hours of release. It’s this passion to see the Veteran community succeed that has yoked Graybeard Books and Warrior Media Solutions together.