Dynamic Entry = cool product placement


SSG Colton Smith & MSG Kris Perkins

Enlisted Nine Fight Company were looking for a dynamic way to bring their product to a target audience and we knew we could deliver. With EN9Ne owner and UFC Ultimate Fighter winner SSG Colton Smith at the helm we had to make it something to remember.

The Round Rock Express the minor league team to the Texas Rangers were having a Military Appreciation Night and who could ask for a better target audience. The stands filled with thousands not only to see great baseball but also to pay homage to some of the amazing local heroes in the central Texas region. On hand were over 20 WWII Veterans as well as Korean Veterans, Vietnam Veterans, Desert Storm and the more recently returned Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans.

With a bonafide hero poised to throw out the first pitch from the pitchers mound the only thing left was to hand him a ball to do so. Enter the minds of our team who had SSG Colton Smith and MSG Kris Perkins rappel into the crowd from the stadium roof and deliver the ball.

All eyes were on those heroes as they descended to the field as well as the spectacular Enlisted Nine Fight Company Shirts they were wearing! Product placement and the style and penache expected from Warrior Media Solutions.